The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival Companies & Choreographers

BCDF is finally here!

So, what exactly is this festival? Well, on Saturday, August 16th at the Paramount Center, The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival will bring a diverse array of contemporary dance artists from across the U.S. to Boston, for a performance opportunity like no other. With an audience capacity of 2,000+, there will be dozens of talented companies performing to raise well-deserved recognition for Boston’s Contemporary Dance scene. Tickets will be available soon, so make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates on when they will be posted! For now, check out the outstanding Boston & national companies that have been chosen to perform:


OnStage Dance Company, The Legible Bod(y), Boston Dance Productions, Penumbra,

 Kinetic Synergy Dance Company

Danielle Pastuszak and Ryan Valente (Boston)

Allison Smith (Boston)

Angie Conte –  Angie Moon Dance Theatre (Boston)

Brian Washburn (Providence, RI)

Cayley ChristoforouExtensions Dance Company (Salem, MA)

Chantal Doucett (Danvers, MA)

Erica Ligeski – Company Four (Boston, MA)

Heather Budinscak – FreeFall Contemporary Dance Company (Bedford, NH)

Jessica Muise – Intimations Dance (Somerville, MA)

Sarah Katarina – Boston Community Dance Project (Boston)

Jennifer Gamache-Dublio – Eclipse Dance Company (Longmeadow, MA)


Aaron Atkins – Ballet Inc. (NY, NY)

Elizabeth Shea (Bloomington, IN)

FATIMA Logan – Vashti Dance Company (NY, NY)

Hee Ra Yoo – Yoo and Dancers (NY, NY)

Jessica Taylor – DAMAGEDANCE (Brooklyn, NY)

Katie Paquin (Providence, RI)

Robert Mark Burke (Elmwood Park, NJ)

Sheena Annalise – Arch Contemporary Ballet (NY, NY)

Zach Law Ingram – 6 O’Clock Dance Theatre (Miami, FL)

Emily Mayer – (Great Barrington, MA)

Colleen Edwards – Dragonfly Ballet Theatre (Portland, ME)

Junichi Fukuda – Fukudance (Portsmouth, NH)

Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp  – inFLUXdance

Jean Appolon – Jean Appolon Expressions (Boston, MA)


Andrea Dawn Shelley – iMee (Infinite Movement Ever Evolving) (Newport, RI)

Arielle Petruzella (Hoboken, NJ)

Dante Brown – Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance (Brooklyn, NY)

Ellenore Scott – ELSCO Dance (Long Island, NY)

Emilio Colallio – EmiMotion (Toronto, Canada)

Laurie Sefton – Clairobscur Dance Company (LA, CA)

Lydia Zimmer (Boston, MA)

Ayako Takahashi (Cambridge, MA)

Suzanne Beahrs – Suzanne Beahrs Dance (Brooklyn, NY)

Tara McCrystal – SPUNK and COmpany Dance (Reading, MA)

Margot Gelber (Houston, TX)

Michael Cerwinksi – Michael James New York (Brooklyn. NY)

Urbanity Dance with choreography by Andy Noble of Noble Motion Dance

Special Guest Choreographer – Andy Noble – Noble Motion Dance (Houston, TX)


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