Jean Appolon- Artistic Director of Jean Appolon Expressions

Jean Appolon Expressions, is not your typical contemporary dance company at all.

Founded in 2011, Jean Appolon Expressions is a Haitian contemporary dance company. The mission of JAE is to preserve and advance Haitian folkloric dance as one of the world’s precious cultural resources, and to make high quality dance education available to young Haitians without financial resources. Combining Modern technique, Haitian folkloric dance and live traditional drumming, JAE inspires and educates audiences about Haitian culture, traditions & current issues.

The Co-founder & Artistic Director, Jean Appolon is a highly successful choreographer and master teacher based in Boston and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Receiving his earliest training opportunities in  Port-au-Prince, Appolon continued his dance education in the U.S. at the Harvard and Radcliffe Dance Program, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the Joffrey American Ballet School. From there he completely flourished making a name for himself in the dance world, especially the city of Boston.

We are ecstatic to present such a prominent dance figure in the Boston area at the BCDF 3pm National Showcase. Appolon explains the opportunities BCDF creates for his himself & his company,

“Because Jean Appolon Expressions fuses contemporary technique with Haitian folkloric dance, it often gets boxed into an “ethnic or traditional dance category. In today’s dance world, this type of synthesis is some of the most important work being done because it preserves traditional dance within a more contemporary format. By performing at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, we are hoping to gain increased exposure in our local, regional and national contemporary dance networks.”
Make sure to check out Jean Appolon Expressions on Facebook & Twitter!

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