Colleen Edwards & Dragonfly Ballet Theater

 Dragonfly Ballet Theater has one goal: to bring back the story to ballet.


Colleen Edwards, Artistic Director of DBT, believes contemporary ballet is a great tool to do that. The company wants to bring people into the theater to connect with dance in an accessible way so they become new fans of dance.

Before residing in Portland, ME, Edwards explains why it is so important to have a festival in the city she once lived in,

“It is important for Boston to have this festival because of the diversity not only of the people in this city but the dancers and choreographers that accumulate in Boston.  I lived in Boston for six years and always felt that for the amount of dancers the studios and schools turn out there wasn’t an equal amount of performance opportunities to offer them. Boston has been waiting a long time for this festival!”

So, what exactly should you expect from DBT at  the BCDF National Showcase? Well, Their piece “Cumulus” is actually about the evolution of a thunder storm and the use of space really tells the story, the dancers slowly make their way toward the audience through the choreography, much like one would experience a storm moving your way!

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Dragonfly Ballet Theater BW photo promo


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