Company Four

BCDF welcomes Boston Company, Company Four, to the Boston Showcase!

Formed in 2012, Company Four strives to extend the life of the adult dancer by providing opportunities for community performance activities, engagement in technical dance training, & continued expression of self through dance. They are extremely passionate about telling stories through dance, making dance accessible to self-proclaimed “non-dancers” and providing opportunities for artists to create and share work.

Consisting of four members (obviously), Boston is consisted home for the company, since they rehearse out of Reading, MA. Company Four explains,

“The Boston Contemporary Dance Festival is a catalyst for putting Boston on the map for contemporary dance. New York and LA are the first cities that come to mind when thinking of dance as an industry. Let’s get Boston on that list.”

Company Four will be performing their piece, “Everything Happens in Threes,” in the Boston Showcase at BCDF! So, what should you expect from their piece? First, it is the first work they have purposefully set as a trio. But, wait isn’t it company “four”? Well, their fourth company member is due to give birth to twins at the end of July. How exciting! Should they change their name to company six now?!


Kristyl Roderiques Photography

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