Sheena Annalise & Arch Contemporary Ballet

“The audience speaks volumes to the beauty of the piece… there were audible gasps…”


Are you ready to gasp over Arch Contemporary Ballet at the 3pm National Showcase? Well, get this because Arch Contemporary Ballet’s Artistic Director & Founder, Sheena Annalise, choreographs everything in SILENCE. A new work is completely finished and set before bringing in a composer,who then creates an original score for the new ballet work. This choreographic process brings a new experience for audiences to really connect to the movement.

Annalise explains,

“Over and over, ACB is noted for creating linear heaven with all female partnering for audiences and I am so glad audiences see and feel this when watching our performances. The line of the body is very important in the creation of my work, and often inspires many of the movement phrases in my pieces. I utilize the strengths in my beautiful dancers to create lifts, partner sequences, and stunning lines and resonates to audiences around the country.”



Their piece, “World’s Joy,” will be making an excerpt premiere at BCDF14. And, get this: it was a collaboration with NYC’s drumming sensation The Last Drummers. How cool is that? Check out Sheena Annalise interview below:




 Why perform in Boston? 
Boston is a hub for dance, community, and the performing arts as a whole. Being so close to our home, NYC, it is a great place to expand relationships with audience members near but not too far! Arch Contemporary Ballet performs nationwide throughout the year and are always excited to come back to Boston!

What are you hoping to gain from this experience?
As a returning company to BCDF, we hope to continue building relationships with audience members and companies who have followed our work since last year’s BCDF performance! We hope to engage new audiences, create new relationships with companies world wide, and give a piece of our hearts to Boston’s rising contemporary dance scene.

Tell us a fun fact about your piece. 
“World’s Joy” will be making an excerpt premiere at BCDF14 and was a collaboration with NYC’s drumming sensation The Last Drummers. After much success, The Last Drummers now play for artists around the country. ACB is excited to make their debut in the realm of ballet, and audiences will surely be delighted.

Make sure to check out Arch Contemporary Ballet on Facebook & Instagram at @ArchBallet!


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