BCDF welcomes Elliot Emadian to Boston for the first time!

Emadian has always had an interest in choreographing, even from a young age.  He explains the memory of having a Bob Fosse VHS hour long tape that he would constantly watch growing up.  From that young age he started to make “terrible” dances but was always encouraged to push, try new things, and keep going.  Now, he is inspired most by visual things, such as text, color, and photographs.  He is also a mathematics major, so he is invested in ratios, balance, and patterns in movement and overall design.

Emadian will be presenting his piece, “Mouth to banana or banana to mouth… The gay one?” in this year’s National Showcase.  His piece was inspired by his experience as a gay man.  It touches upon the internal struggle of wanting to feel part of a community of queer people, while still defying stereotypes and misconceptions. Emadian loves to use humor and satire in his work, and this piece is a perfect example of that.  He explains:


The idea for the piece came out of the middle school joke I used to hear that which way you ate your banana at lunch determined if you were gay or not. From there, I googled “Am I gay?” and was greeted with several online quizzes claiming to be able to determine the answer accurately.”


What’s a fun fact about Emadian?

He worked as a research scholar in aerial dance and performed in an aerial dance concert swinging 40 feet above a crowd!


Don’t miss Elliot Emadian’s piece, “Mouth to banana or banana to mouth… The gay one?” in this year’s National Showcase August 12th at 7:30 PM!


pc: Kevin Remington


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